Secure Transportation

At ECLAS, we look beyond standard services to consult, design and deliver faster, safer and more efficient solutions tailored to your specific business and personal needs. We operate a fleet of customized secure transportation vehicles and provide unmatched support services, including:

  • Marked and unmarked, secure USDOT compliant vehicles
  • Licensed and armed transportation officers
  • Strategically located transportation centers
  • GPS satellite tracking software
  • Two-way communications and continuous vehicle monitoring
  • Constant communication link with all service vehicles
  • Ground support to book and re-route vehicles in real time

Our goal is to set the global standard for excellence in secure logistics and supply chain risk management. To learn more about our Secure Transportation solutions, please contact us.

Courier Services

Courier Services

ECLAS courier services are designed to exceed the highest security standards in the industry. We work with you to deliver a secure, discreet, end-to-end delivery service customized to your unique security needs. Inconspicuous, thoroughly planned operations are crucial for the success of each delivery objective. Delivery dates and times are carefully arranged with you. We offer photographic verification of delivery, a 100% auditable trail, and tiered levels of security specific to your needs. ECLAS further employs state-of-the-art tracking verification for secure courier operations as well as other confidential security measures that we only discuss with our clients.