Other Services

Disaster & Emergency Response

Disaster & Emergency Response

ECLAS customizes Florida emergency and disaster response plans to the individual needs of our clients. We train our personnel and yours on the execution of the plan mutually agreed upon by our leadership and yours. ECLAS works with federal, state and local government organizations to ensure our clients have access to the vital resources needed to run their business. Regular drills insure our client’s employees and contractors are prepared to face many of the challenges an emergency situation will create. To learn more please Contact Us.

Event Security & Crowd Management

Event Security & Crowd Management

Our professional event security officers will work with venue staff and event management attendees, exhibitors, staff and the media to provide a secure, enjoyable environment. We offer a full range of special event security solutions including:

We offer a full range of special event security solutions including:

  • Event Security Planning
  • Convention Center and Trade Show Traffic Management
  • Exhibitors and Contractors Background Checks and Due Diligence Services
  • Facility and Event Vulnerability Assessments
  • Event and Stadium Cash Management Support Services
  • Event, Convention Center and Stadium Crowd Control
  • Emergency Response Planning and Management
  • Event, Stadium and Convention Center Parking Management Support Services
  • Red Carpet Events
  • Concert & Tour Security

To learn more please Contact Us.

Parking & Valet Services

Parking Valet Services

ECLAS’s exclusive parking and valet services provide a 5 star environment for your guests and customers. At ECLAS we incorporate elite standards into our learning and development programs to ensure that every guest and customer is treated with the utmost level of respect and service and that every interaction reflects positively on your operation. Services include:

  • Valet
  • Self-Park
  • Shuttle
  • Concierge & Greeter Services