Commercial Security

We know that every business environment has unique security needs. When looking for a security company in Florida, you need a partner that understands your distinct organization.Taking this into consideration, we offer a variety of guarding functions to meet your specific requirements. After performing risk & vulnerability assessments, we will recommend a tailored approach including one or more of the following security services:

  • Access control
  • Reception/concierge duties
  • Emergency response and life safety–all officers are trained in CPR, first aid, and AED
  • Interior & Exterior Patrols
  • Loss prevention
  • Special events
  • Customized and site-specific security functions

Who We Serve

Retail Establishments

Retail tenants, their employees, shoppers, and patrons should all feel secure and welcome in your establishment and secure in your parking lot or they may not return. Additionally, an incident could prevent new customers from visiting.

Retail establishments and malls have unique challenges that must be taken into consideration when designing an effective shopping center security strategy.

At ECLAS, we understand these unique security needs and can provide highly skilled security officers to secure your retail establishment. Our shopping mall officers can:

  • Direct groups of juveniles and loiters
  • Provide crowd control for special events
  • Deter theft
  • Respond rapidly to active criminal incidents
  • Assist in medical emergencies
  • Aid lost children
  • Secure parking areas

Hotels & Resorts

Hotel and Resort Security

The lodging industry requires a higher level of care from a liability perspective due to guests sleeping over, dining and paying for a recreation experience. Within this industry there are a variety of accommodations from bed & breakfasts, inns, hotels, casinos, business and convention centers, and resorts. Each property is unique and has unique needs.

At ECLAS we can protect your guests and image with our proactive and responsive security solutions. Our highly trained security professionals can prevent issues, recognize and address issues, and offer exemplary customer service. We align our service, training, and metrics with your brand standards and industry expectations to drive service results both internally for the brand and externally with industry ratings.

Churches / Houses of Worship / Non-Profit Organizations

Churches / Houses of Worship / Non-Profit Organizations

ECLAS offers armed and unarmed security for non-profit organizations and houses of worship including churches, synagogues, temples, and their affiliated religious schools. We provide synagogue, temple, and church security throughout the year as well as religious holidays, and during times of heightened alerts. Our emergency security services are available 24/7.

Our security services are designed to keep the members of your congregation safe, and your property and premises secure. Trained, experienced security officers will patrol the interior and exterior premises throughout your services and special events. With ECLAS, your congregation can feel at ease as they worship and participate in their religious community.

In addition to physical security, we provide security consulting services. These services include risk assessment; recommendations; disaster preparation and recovery; and training for priests, ministers, rabbis, and other key personnel to handle threats in an effective manner.

We understand the unique nature of assignments with religious organizations, and make every effort to provide security of the highest quality in a discreet and unobtrusive manner. We are sensitive to religious culture and practices.

Commercial Real Estate

A security incident can do considerable harm to a building’s reputation. Property owners and managers are tasked with controlling the cost of services, providing excellent customer service to enhance tenant satisfaction and reduce vacancies, and ensure tenant and visitor safety.

At ECLAS, we can protect your tenants and reputation with our adaptable, proactive and responsive solutions. We work with you to develop a customized security solution for your commercial property. Our highly trained security professionals are trained to prevent issues, handle any emergency, and keep you abreast of issues as they arise–all with the utmost respect and customer service.

Construction Sites

The need for on-site security is crucial in and around construction sites regardless of the size of the job. Among a construction supervisors’ highest priorities is the ability to control access to the construction site while the crew is not present. Our guards verify identification and document and log all visitors. Entry is not permitted and equipment and materials are not released without proper permission from the construction supervisor. At ECLAS our highly trained officers not only control access, but prevent issues, respond quickly to emergencies, and keep you abreast of issues realtime.

Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions

Threats to data security are on the rise and without assistance it can be difficult to ensure the safety of your facility, employees, and financial assets. At ECLAS we provide customized financial security services for a variety of facilities such as: retail branches, data centers, corporate offices, trading floors and lockbox areas. Our security professionals are highly trained to understand the needs of banking and financial services facilities, allowing them to provide a highly visible security presence to prevent issues, as well as recognize sensitive situations and potential threats and respond appropriately.


Patient safety and satisfaction are among the top priorities for hospitals, assisted living centers and nursing homes. However, balancing patient safety with managing costs and constant visitor traffic, open access in multiple buildings, hectic emergency departments, confidentiality requirements, governmental standards and patient satisfaction surveys is quite a feat.

At ECLAS, we provide proactive and responsive hospital security services for a wide variety of healthcare facilities. Our customized healthcare security solutions include:

  • Highly trained hospital security officers who are skilled in the special needs of healthcare facilities and conform to your culture and values.
  • Unparalleled customer service.

Colleges/Universities/Public & Private Schools

When running a college or university it is of utmost importance to ensure that students, faculty, staff, visitors and parents feel welcome and safe.

Security professionals are often your institution’s first and last impression. Thus, it is critical that security officers have the skills and personalities that match your school and security requirements. With our campus security solutions, you receive:

  • Friendly, approachable officers hand-picked for the campuses to which they are best suited.
  • Vigilant, proactive, and responsive security professionals that carry out the duties of their posts and patrols, recognize anomalies from daily campus routines, and represent your institution in a positive manner.


Secure Transportation Security

Due to the large numbers of people that public transit agencies serve, safety and security is of utmost importance. Among a transit agencies primary concerns are keeping passengers and employees safe, securing critical infrastructure and providing customer service. To achieve these goals, our security solutions are tailored to systems of various sizes. We provide protection for a range of transit facilities including:

  • Light rail systems
  • Rail platforms
  • Bus and rail yards
  • Transit terminals
  • Office buildings
  • Parking lots



Running a secure industrial plant or manufacturing factory and keeping your employees safe can be a challenge with ever-tightening budgets, a strict regulatory environment and continuously increasing areas of responsibility. With our outstanding corporate safety record and industrial security expertise, ECLAS is your total plant safety partner, combining superior security officers and managers with comprehensive safety programs.

Our officers are trained not only to recognize safety hazards, but to also respond by taking appropriate action. They can also provide additional value by performing other industrial security services, such as:

  • Distributing mail and packages
  • Fire extinguisher checks
  • Handling visitor reception, sign-ins and badging
  • Credentialing employees
  • Escorting visitors
  • Performing lighting inspections
  • Conducting job safety analyses (JSAs) relevant to their duties
  • Managing emergency and weather-related preparedness planning
  • Supporting loss-prevention, including employee or visitor searches
  • Real-time incident reporting
  • Crime statistics reporting
  • Visitor management system


When searching for a security program for your government facility, you need a solution that is responsive, ensures contract compliance, projects a professional image to your visitors, employees, customers and guests, and provides the best value without sacrificing quality. We have a proven track record and are unrivaled in experience, capability and commitment.

By partnering with ECLAS your government security solution includes:

  • Tailored services based on your classification as a local, state, or federal government agency.
  • Highly trained armed, unarmed and cleared security officers who are invested in your community and are tailored to the specific needs of your contract.